Vodafone UK unveils “Nearly New” handsets program

Vodafone UK unveils Nearly New handsets

Vodafone UK is launching the “Nearly New” program, allowing its Pay As You Go or contract customers to get hold of a smartphone for less, provided they’re happy with using a handset that’s not brand new.

PAYG customers can get a pre-owned handset at a reduced up-front price, while those on a contract will pay a lower monthly fee if they go for a pre-owned phone.

It’s worth noting that these pre-owned phones also come with a guarantee, as they’ve been returned to the carrier in “very good condition” by previous owners. In addition, Voda made sure to reset them and return them to the box with all the accessories.

To illustrate how much you can save, Vodafone points to an example with Samsung Galaxy S III. Brand new device is available for free with a 37 GBP/month plan or for 33 GBP/month pre-owned. That’s 4 GBP less per month or 96 GBP for duration of the contract.

[Via: AndroidCentral]

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