Possible Samsung Galaxy S IV render leaked?

We suppose this was bound to happen sooner or later. Apparently the first render of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV has leaked out to the world. While it’s hardly as interesting as the concept GSIV we saw not long ago, it definitely looks like it could have the makings of the Galaxy S III successor.

Of course, make sure you take this with a grain of nano salt, as rumors are rumors. The render itself is rather subtle, which might be a part of the intentional fakery. Then again, we wouldn’t be very disappointed if Samsung did away with the physical and capacitive button combination in favor for on-screen navigation. The render shows an expansive display with a very tiny bezel surrounding it. With many companies chasing the edge-to-edge display unicorn, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar design in the Galaxy S IV, even if this render is fake.

While we know very little about the upcoming Galaxy S IV at the moment, we would imagine that it will retain the Galaxy S III’s “designed by nature” aesthetic, and we’d say the render stays true to it. If Samsung does indeed end up announcing its next flagship device this April, as rumored, we don’t have too much longer to wait and see if this render (and the onslaught of  others that are bound to pop up soon) hold up against the real design.

Whether or not the image is real remains to be seen, but we can’t say that we have many complaints with it.

What are your thoughts on the Note-ish design?

[SamMobile via AndroidCentral]

  • It looks very cool! I hope this is the how it looks!

  • Anonymous

    Now that’s one thin bezel. 🙂

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