CES 2013: LG debuts Panorama Note feature for Optimus Vu II

LG unveiled today at CES 2013 a new productivity feature for the Optimus Vu II called Panorama Note. It enables users to create wide 3:1 ratio notes and sketches right on the gigantic 5-inch display of the Optimus Vu II.

A phablet (phone/tablet hybrid) at heart, the device is perfect for this type of feature since jotting down handwritten notes or illustrating works of art is best with a large, wide display. It has 5.8x zoom, vertical and horizontal navigation of the entire image, and a small map to highlight what portion of the image you’re currently viewing since its full size stretches beyond the size of the display. The Optimus Vu II becomes even more directly competitive with the Samsung Galaxy Note with Panorama Note.

“Panorama Note is just one of many user experience features that LG will be introducing this year to differentiate our mobile devices,” said LG Electronics Mobile Communications President and CEO Jong-Seok Park. “Our UX features will be deeply integrated with our devices to take advantage of the smartphones’ specific hardware. The battle of smartphone specs will continue but we’re going to take the competition to the next level.”

It seems like LG plans to continue making specific software for specific hardware in the future, as its done here with Panorama Note for the Optimus Vu II. This should help give each of its devices a distinct uniqueness and help consumers choose one more effectively. Panorama Note is a small perk for Vu II owners as well.

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