CES 2013: SpareOnePlus gets announced as the new and improved AA battery phone

SpareOne, the maker of the emergency mobile phone running on a AA battery, has announced its latest version of the handset called the SpareOnePlus. The newer version supposedly brings a much more premium look and feel.

Alan Cymberknoh, SpareOne Project Director says the “SpareOnePlus is packed with extra safety features and communicates with users even more intuitively than before.” Some of these features include a location-based service which identifies the exact location of the cell ID, a free smartphone app, as well as audible numeric feedback.

Of course, features like this aren’t at all impressive, but when potential customers factor in that these phones work independently of a cell phone carrier, with no monthly fee — has to at least grab some attention. SpareOne phones come SIM unlocked out of the box. Moreover, folks who are owners of an iPhone can also pop their micro-SIMs into the SpareOne handset by way of a special adapter.

Honestly, this could make a pretty awesome backup phone, as the SpareOne only goes for $99.99. The company didn’t mention the price of the updated SpareOnePlus model, but we’re sure it won’t go for a ridiculous amount more than its predecessor.

Users who buy the phone get other features like a TorchLight on top which provides 24 hours of continuous light; a dedicated 911 dial button to alert authorities, which works with or without a SIM card; ability to preset 9 speed dial numbers; and a new talk-through, resealable waterproof bag with a humidity-proof seal. Not bad for an unlocked phone running on a–AA battery on the cheap, huh?

The picture above is the first generation SpareOne, while the images at the bottom represents the newer SpareOnePlus.

Source: SpareOne

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