CES 2013: Panasonic unveils 20-inch Windows 8 tablet for photographers and designers

Panasonic officially kicked off CES 2013 with an impressive keynote that showcased the company’s home entertainment products. Though Panasonic has only dabbled in mobile devices, the company didn’t shy away from the sector in its latest CES presentation. Instead of going after the Nexus 7 market like everyone else, Panasonic went whole hog and unveiled a 20-inch tablet device powered by Windows 8.

Targeted at photographers, design professionals and architects, the behemoth tablet includes a stylus and a 4K display. It’s not exactly portable and Windows 8 is more a desktop OS than a mobile platform, but Panasonic’s device  showcases how rapidly the tablet market is developing. A few years ago, we wouldn’t dream of doing design work on anything but a desktop. Now, we have a full-fledged tablet device that you could mount on a wall or embed into a desk and use it to both create and showcase your work.

[Via The Verge, image from David Becker/Getty Images]

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