T-Mobile continues to beef up its HSPA+ network, adds HD voice calling

T-Mobile might not have 4G LTE service yet, but that isn’t stopping the company from pushing forward in the competitive wireless market with alternative features like HD voice calls and Enhanced 1900MHz service.

As part of its CES 2013 press event, T-Mobile announced that it is rolling out HD voice calling across its network. T-Mobile claims the technology reduces background noise on voice calls and delivers a more true-to-life sound. It  will only improve the quality of voice calls when customers on both ends use HD Voice capable phones like the HTC One S, the Nokia Astound and the Galaxy S III.

T-Mobile also confirmed it  is enabling HSPA+ on the 1900MHz band in new markets including Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego and Virginia Beach, Va. The carrier now offers this advanced service in 46 metro areas that cover 126 million people. It’ll bring the 4G experience to non-T-Mobile devices such as the iPhone.

[Via T-Mobile]

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