T-Mobile unveils 4G Connect, a free 4G data plan for tablets, notebooks and ultrabooks

T-Mobile is shaking up the wireless industry with a new 4G plan called 4G Connect. 4G Connect will bundle a 200MB data plan with select Windows 8 laptops, Windows RT tablets and Ultrabooks from HP and Dell. The program will make 4G connectivity a standard feature on these supported devices.

4G Connect will provide 200MB of free 4G data when customers purchase a compatible device. Users can buy additional data at rates as low as $10 per GB or sign up for a contract for better prices on larger blocks of data.

The program is available for any customer who buys a supported device and is not limited to T-Mobile customers only. Once customers register for the wireless service, it will be available for up to two years. It’s reminiscent of the free cellular connectivity of the early Kindle devices, but bigger and better since it lets you do more than sync your book library.

This is only the beginning as T-Mobile hopes to extend the program to other devices and include other OEMs besides its launch partners, HP and Dell.

[Via T-Mobile]

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