Pebble will start shipping its Kickstarter wristwatch on Jan 23

Pebble caused a stir when its Kickstarter project was backed by 68,000 people and raised millions for the company. Originally slated to ship in September, manufacturing hurdles delayed the watch well past its target launch. That was then and this is now and now Pebble is almost ready to ship.

Pebble used CES to confirm the company was mass producing the watch and would start shipping the device to Kickstarter backers on January 23rd. The earlier you ordered, the earlier you will receive your device.

Backers will get an email confirmation that’ll prompt them to update their ¬†delivery address when their watch is ready to ship. Pebble said it is producing up to 15,000 watches each week, so it will take a few weeks to get the watch to all the original supporters.

You can read more about Pebble on the project’s website.

[Via Pebble]

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