ZTE to use Nuance’s technology to voice-enable its Android devices, power-up its new Car Mode app

ZTE to use Nuance's technology to voice-enable its Android devices, power-up its new Car Mode app

Nuance and ZTE announced a multi-year collaboration where Nuance’s voice capabilities will be integrated as part of a new portfolio of ZTE Android devices worldwide. The result will be a “diverse set of mobile applications and devices” that foster a more natural, human interaction between people and their ZTE phones with support for more than 25 languages.

Among those applications is ZTE’s new Car Mode application, which was unveiled at CES 2013. By integrating Nuance’s powerful voice capabilities, this app lets users speak to stay connected to people and content without bringing additional manual-visual distractions into the car. The hands-free experience the application brings enables access to phone functions that are used the most while driving, such as making phone calls, reading text messages and accessing music.

People simply engage Car Mode with a hands-free wake-up word, and the app is at their command to dial contacts and numbers, launch navigation apps, get the local weather and play music on the device. Moreover, Car Mode announces incoming callers and reads incoming text messages aloud with Nuance’s natural text to speech, and allows people to barge in with new voice commands or cancel incoming audio when needed. There’s also a “Do not disturb” mode where drivers can further minimize distractions by blocking all incoming calls and text messages until arriving at their destination. When it comes to availability, ZTE’s Car Mode application will be pre-loaded on ZTE Android devices in 2013.

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