CES 2013: Eyes-on with the Lenovo K900

Of all the devices announced here at CES, the Lenovo K900 remains one of our top picks. The powerful phablet device might not be coming to the states, but it certainly doesn’t mean it hasn’t left an impression. All of the units were locked in meetings, and given time restraints, we took a few shots of the beautiful device under glass.

The large 5.5 display isn’t the only thing that makes the K900 a monster of a phone. The Intel Clover Trail+ processor makes it a beast on the performance side of things, and adding in the now almost expected 2GB of RAM certainly doesn’t hurt. That said, it’s not all about bronze with the K900, as it’s quite a beauty as well. The metallic finish adorning the back side of the device will ensure a quality experience and the unibody device should give quite a solid in-hand feel.  The thinness of the K900 is also something to be admired. At 6.9mm thin, the device is just about as svelte as any device in the category can get.

Coming in an assortment of different finishes on the back, Lenovo’s focus on design obviously didn’t hinder it from throwing every other top-notch spec you could imagine, which includes 13 megapixel shooter and an 88-degree viewing angle front-facing camera as well.

If we were to change one thing about the K900, it would likely be the capacitive buttons below the display. Running Android 4.1.2, opting for the on-screen navigation method would have helped the device shrink even more, but it’s a trend that we still see on new high-end Android devices. Nonetheless, It’s really hard to speak ill of this device.

Lenovo left no stone unturned in the creation of the K900, but it’s unfortunate that the device won’t be hitting US shores. Either way, that still isn’t going to stop us from ogling the phablet. Until Lenovo announces the next device in the series.

Take a look at the gallery below!

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    large 5.5 display?!? Awesome! I am glad to see the rise of PHABLET in 2013!

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