Cricket’s Muve Music surpasses 1.1 million subscribers

Cricket's Muve Music surpasses 1.1 million subscribers

Cricket announced that it ended last year with more than 1.1 million Muve Music subscribers. Since its launch in January 2011, the carrier’s music plan has become one of the fastest-growing and leading on-demand digital music services in the United States.

Muve Music is now included in every Cricket Android smartphone rate plan, the fact that helped the carrier increase loyalty because “music is very important to Cricket customers” who have “deep engagement with the Muve Music Service.”

Interested users can get Muve Music at Cricket company-owned stores, authorized Cricket dealers and at, as well as through select national retailers. Starting at $50 per month, the plan comes with unlimited full track downloads, ringtones and ringback tones. In addition, Muve Music also includes music discovery service through monthly artist programs such as Muve First, Muve Headliner, Muve Spotlight and Muve Icon.

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