Google adds Chrome for Android beta channel for eager mobile browser testers

Google Chrome for Android

Google’s making an interesting and creative move with its Chrome browser for Android and one that I applaud. Just like the version of Chrome for desktop use, Google is adding a separate beta “channel” for Chrome so that users get can early access to new features and performance improvements while being aware of and/or testing bugs to help stabilize the software and ready it for release.

Google says that there’s new features in the browser, but plenty of bugs and a way to submit feedback to help remedy the issues. There are quite a few perks for those interested in joining the beta channel. The Beta update improves the Octane performance benchmark between 25 and 30 percent so there should be a noticeable performance boost. Chrome for Android beta expands support for HTML5 features like CSS filters for developers.

I love that Google has decided to release a beta version of Chrome for Android because it further closes the gap between the capabilities of a desktop OS and of a mobile one. Mobile browsers have become sophisticated enough to have consumer-ready beta versions, when just a few years ago practically all stable mobile browsers seemed like they were in beta. It’s interesting if you really think about it.

Though it’s called a “channel,” the term is used a bit more loosely here than it is for Chrome for desktop. Chrome for Android beta really just a separate app. You can download Chrome beta from Google Play for free to get beta testing. Feature enthusiasts might want to give it a try too, but prepare yourselves for the decrease in stability.

[via The Verge]

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