Would LG really halt Nexus 4 production to prepare for upcoming smartphones?

T-Mobile to offer off-contract Nexus 4 for $499

According to a report in International Business Times (IBT), LG may be suspending production of the Nexus 4 to prepare for upcoming smartphones. Speculation on the part of IBT suggests LG may be working with Google on the successor to the Nexus 4, a device it claims could be announced next month at MWC.

Though the Nexus 4 had a rocky start, it seems improbable that Google would kill a phone just a few months after launch. The Nexus 4 has a decent set of specs (with the exception of the missing LTE) and is priced very competitively.

I’m not sure why Nexus 4 supply is so low, but prevailing rumors point the finger at LG. If LG is struggling with Nexus 4 production, I doubt it’s because the manufacturer put the project on the back burner. The Nexus 4 is a high-profile handset for LG and the company would be foolish not to dedicate as much resources as possible to the Nexus 4 manufacturing process.

IBT also claims LG is working on future Nexus devices that could surface next month.  We might see new handsets from LG at Mobile World Congress, but I doubt one of those will be a Google-branded Nexus device. If Google has a phone in the works, it would likely hold off on announcing the device until its I/O developer conference, which is slated to be held May 15-17, 2013. That event has been used in the past to announce Nexus devices, including the popular Nexus 7 tablet and the failed Nexus Q device.

[Via IBT]

  • F.U.B.A.R

    That would be an extremely shady move from both LG and Google.

    • spamnco

      Oh yes the kind of move that could kill a very large company image forever (it would for me and I like android very much).

  • “The Nexus 4 is a high-profile handset for LG and the company would be foolish not to dedicate as much resources as possible to the Nexus 4 manufacturing process.” You are omitting a very important possibility – the possibility that LG is making little or no money by manufacturing the N4, while they could be making more without it. The question is why would they put such a price tag on the device in the first place? I agree with a comment I read lately.. that it probably was to draw people’s attention away from other manufacturers’ christmas sales, now they might release a newer, upgraded model with a higher price and halting the production of N4 as an obsolete product.

    • amulya

      LG would be forever tarnished as a company that pisses off customers when they want a device.

    • i don’t believe the Nexus 4 actually exists. Have you actually seen one? it’s like a unicorn. Google is hiding it behind it’s beautiful mystique of being the phone everyone wants, but few can get. It’s also making the statement . . . Android is much cheaper than iOS; and carriers are avoidable.

      • Anonymous

        There was a full week in december when anyone could backorder one on the google play store…. I ordered one, and got it in January, and use it everyday. people wait for the possibility to order one to disappear, and then that’s when they complain.

        • A full week, wow. well then you were the lucky few. i thought i’d wait for the rush to die down, but apparently, they are stopping production on the Nexus 4, and LG is working on it’s next Nexus (possibly the Nexus 5). The fact is you can’t buy the device unless you want to pay over $500 on Ebay or from some other third party seller is annoying at best. A purchase of the device at over $500 takes away most of my motivation – since part of the lure of the device was it’s rock bottom off-contract price. i bet you do use yours everyday – it is after all a smartphone. i’m coming from an iPhone experience, so i just shrugged and sighed and i guess i’ll just shuffle back to the apple. Why thy don’t make more than one Nexus smartphone per year is beyond me. Perhaps this will all change.

  • lol

    “The Nexus 4 has a decent set of specs”

    lol decent?

    • Anonymous

      of course they are decent, Did you expect them to be non-decent?

  • Maybe the Nexus 4 was a test to see how LG would do at a flagship nexus. Although I wished HTC made the new nexus with there amazing materials and looks they add to their phones. I would also like HTC to add the feature if you want HTC sense which I like.

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