Get the best game and app deals on Android with AppSales

By now, you’ve probably heard that Android users tend to spend less than iOS users, and while the gap in that trend may be closing, who doesn’t love a good sale? That’s where AppSales come in. This is an application that not only allows you to see what applications are currently on sale, but also lets you add items to a watch list and look at price history of applications.

The layout of the app is simple and to the point. Lining the top of the screen is a featured section that shows some of the best or hottest deals currently available on Google Play, and below will give you even more deals.  All applications will show the % of the sale, allowing you to see just how much of a deal is currently being offered. From there, you can easily add the application to your watch list if you want to hold off and see if the price will go any lower, or you can hop right over to the Google Play Store and grab it then and there.

AppSales doesn’t stop there, though. On top of allowing you to monitor the best deals and throwing applications into a watch list for a rainy day, it will also allow you to take a look at application price history. This will give you a glimpse of the application’s price for the past 60 days, making it that much easier to see if you’re ready to pull the trigger and buy the app. Best of all, you can access this feature while you’re in Google Play, as you can simply tap the share icon on the application page with “Price History” and it will immediately give you what you’re looking for. This sure beats having to leave the Google Play Store, launching AppSales, and manually searching for the app to get the pricing history.

The app is pretty genius, as simple as it may be. If you’re looking to save some money on some of the hottest apps and games, make sure that you have this installed!

Check out MobileBurn’s video review below!

Grab AppSale from the Google Play Store here!

[Via: MobileBurn]

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