Microsoft patents a way for your phone to silence itself

Microsoft is hard at work with strengthening their mobile platform Windows Phone, as the company patented a new technology. The Redmond based software giant patented a technology called “Inconspicuous Mode,” a setting that could put a mobile device into a stealth-like mode. This is a feature that’s best suited for places like movie theaters, meetings, church or any place that needs your phone quiet.

Inconspicuous Mode would be a setting that adjusts your smartphone’s visual and audio levels, based on GPS information and at least one environmental criterion. So what the hell does all that mean? Well, things start to get a bit creepy. For example, the phone will know where you are because of the GPS data collected in the background, and the lens helps the phone find the place as well. So if you’re in a movie theater your handset will know because of the GPS and the darkness picked up by the camera lens in the room. Whoa.

The way this mode works is by turning down the sound on the device, while also decreasing screen brightness, and eliminating flash elements on the display. So if a text message arrives, the intrusiveness of the text will no longer brightly fill your screen, instead, a little envelope would harmlessly appear in a corner.

That being said, this is the perfect feature for those forgetful-types out there; who fail to remember to silence their phones. Yeah, you know who you are! Inconspicuous Mode does sound cool, however, we have no idea when Microsoft plans to make it in their future Windows Phone devices.

[via InfoWorld]

  • rob

    Gps it will just eat the battery even faster maybe even ten times faster. It will always be looking for its location. There goes your all your data, multi million dollar company and that is it, this is all they can come up with.

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