LG says it’s not having a problem with Nexus 4 production

LG spoke to Chosun Biz, a subsidiary of  the Chosun Ilbo (Korean Daily News) newspaper, and told the publication that it’s not having any problems with Nexus 4 supply. LG claims production at its Pyeongtaek plant is proceeding without a hitch.  LG also used this interview to refute the recent rumor that says the company  is working on the next Nexus device.

This statement on supply, however, doesn’t explain why Nexus 4 availability is so low. The Nexus 4 is currently not available in the Google Play Store  and both the 16GB and the 8GB model have been out of stock for a while. If LG’s supply is not the bottleneck, then why is the Nexus 4 not available? Is Google really ordering an embarrassingly low number of Nexus 4 handsets or is there something else going on behind the scenes?

[Via The Verge and Chosun Biz]

  • This is clearly a lie. It’s disgraceful that Google and LG would team up to release a phone and it’s been out of stock for such a long time. I don’t think anyone is even interested in the phone anymore because it was just a failed project.

  • Not having a problem? So whats it like when they DO have a problem? When you make a customer wait too long a the product, then they have time to think, and then they usually buy somewhere else.

  • e-rock

    Looks like the next nexus will be coming back to Samsung. And if it’s anything like the rumors for galaxy s iv. Should be epic!

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