UK retailer taking Xperia Z pre-orders for £399.99

The Sony Xperia Z is coming to the hands of consumers soon, as UK retailer Expansys, has begun pre-orders for the price of £399.99 ($534). Interestingly, this price comes in a hundred dollars less than the rumored cost of $655. For a phone like this–this price is surprisingly low, considering all the impressive features, including a 5-inch smartphone with a 1080p screen and 13MP camera.

As far as colors go, we have no idea what to expect. At the moment, Expansys only offers a black Xperia Z, and the retailer leaves no hints of different colors to come. Although it’s speculated that O2 UK will carry a purple version of the handset. Unfortunately, Expansys on its site, hasn’t offered a release date of the Z but most retailers suggest a launch in late February to early March. That kind of time-frame demands customers to care for very long period, which is asking a lot.

It’s hard not to be a little intrigued by this offering from Sony, however, the time-frame to when this thing will release may turn folks off. And not knowing if or when this device will hit the United States is mildly annoying.

Would any of you consider buying the Xperia Z?

[via Android Central]

  • Where you getting £399 from? It’s £529 at Expansys.

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