180 million tablets to ship this year

180 million tablets to ship this year

You may’ve heard that tablet sales will surpass notebook sales this year, but what’s the figure we should take as a reference point. According to some analysts, tablet makers can expect their shipments to grow from last year’s 130 million to between 170 and 180 million in 2013.

Although Apple’s iPad will continue to be the dominant force in this market, Android will get a commanding share of the 7-inch tablet market. Yup, this is despite the growing popularity of the iPad mini.

Last year, vendors shipped 73.4 million of 9-inch and larger tablets, accounting for a year-on-year growth of 35% and a total share of 59% of the overall tablet market. However, in 2013, the tide will turn towards smaller devices, which will take up to 60% of the whole market, the number one reason being the price (smaller devices are usually more affordable).

We don’t have the figures for all vendors, but we know that Samsung is bullish on its product, expecting to double the number of shipped tablets this year…

[Via: PhoneArena]

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