Samsung Galaxy S II getting Jelly Bean update in February

Samsung Galaxy S II getting Jelly Bean update in February

We’ve already told you what to expect from the forthcoming Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S II. Now we have a date to associate with the update – according to CNet Asia, the Korean company will start rolling out the new software at some point in February. That, at least, is the date when users in Singapore will be able to get the latest version of Android though we tend to believe the rest of the world will get it at the same time, as well.

As we’ve told you before, this won’t be an over-the-air (OTA) affair, and you’ll rather have to connect your Galaxy S II to a computer and cram the new firmware onto your device via Kies. The reason is simple – a number of changes is included with this update, most notably the re-partitioning of the built-in storage which apparently requires this (less popular) method.

In any case, we’re glad that Sammy hasn’t forgotten about its army of Galaxy S II users and we applaud them for pulling this off…

  • Anonymous

    Yeey. Want Jelly Bean on my SGS2 now. 🙂

  • matt best

    Wow yet another phone but still nothing on the og galaxy note looking like the last one of there phones ill buy

  • Super Excited to have a jellybean on my sgs2 … nice …

  • Guest

    Really excited to have a jellybean on my sgs2…

  • Nice to have a jelly bean on my sgs2 …

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