BT’s SmartTalk VoIP app is tied to a landline plan

BT's SmartTalk VoIP app is tied to a landline plan

UK’s BT (as in British Telecom) is launching an innovative offering in the form of a VoIP app for smartphones that allows users to use their landline minutes to make cheap calls while on the go.

Available for iOS and Android, the SmartTalk application “works best” over Wi-Fi networks but it will sing along over 3G/4G as long as you have a solid signal.

And that’s not all – since this is a company as big as BT, they can offer a sweeter deal and include access to BT’s network of more than 7.5 million hotspots worldwide.

According to the company, this is “the first app launched in the UK to link an iPhone with a customer’s home phone calling plan.”

Pretty cool and pretty forward looking. Kudos to BT for pulling this off.

[Via: MobileWorldLive]

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