Nexus 4 Qi Wireless Charging Orb to land on February 12th?

One of the few standout features found in the LG Nexus 4 that you just don’t find in many phones today is Qi wireless charging. Alongside the Nexus 4 announcement, Google also introduced a wireless charging orb, specifically for the device. Well, it looks like we might be able to see the device become available sooner rather than later, according to a website that currently has the ship date for the accessory set for February 12th.

If the charging orb does end up shipping on February 12th, we’d certainly consider that a win. Why? Well, official accessories for Nexus devices have a tendency to take a long time to get released, as it was just yesterday that we began to see the official Nexus 7 charging dock become available at retailers. DustinHome currently has the charging orb up on its site for 739 Krone, which equates to 113.73 US dollars, and will likely be cheaper when it lands in the states. For any reason that the wireless charger does hit the high mark at around $100 a pop, there are quite a few other options to choose from, albeit less sexy.

Wireless charging certainly isn’t necessarily a ‘must-have’ feature for many people, but it’s pretty darn nice to have. We have our doubts that the average consumer cares too much about wireless charging, which might change going forward, but now it’s just a pretty cool novelty and you’re essentially limited to a handful of smartphones that support Qi out of the box.

We’ll be crossing our fingers for the charging orb to land in about a month from now. Anyone Nexus 4 owners planning to nab one when it becomes available?

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • holy s**t i thought I was on engadget, looks just like it. I think about 60-80$ max is what I would pay for a charger, if that. Very expensive! Also, keep it simple stupid! Why an Orb, vs a pad?

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