Sprint offering BOGO deal for the LG Optimus G

While we’ve already begun to see rumors of its successor, the LG Optimus G is still one of our favorite Android handsets available today. The device is full of power with its high-end specs, and rocks a refined, sexy design that’s terribly easy on the eyes. If you’ve been looking to make this phone your next primary device, you might be pleased to hear that Sprint is offering up a buy one get one deal for the Optimus G.

Still one of the nicest handsets that has been released in Android land recently, the Optimus G is easily LG’s best smartphone to date. From the patented Crystal Reflection process on the back to the True HD IPS+ display, it’s a handset that goes toe to toe with just about anything on the market today. In fact, if LG hadn’t made the Nexus 4 with the DNA it’s flagship device, I’d probably be rocking one as my primary device right now.

One thing we do like about Sprint’s Optimus G is that it retains the physical design of the international unit, which we like a lot. You’ll also be treated to the 13 megapixel camera found on the international unit instead of the 8 megapixel shooter that AT&T’s variant offers. The combination of the original design and camera make the Sprint Optimus G our favorite between the two US options.

Sprint’s BOGO deal for the Optimus G runs until February 28th, so you still have some time if you’re on the fence, but $199 for two Optimus G handsets sounds pretty darn good to us!

Hit up the link below to get your BOGO on!

[Via: Sprint]

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