LTE-toting Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for Sprint hits FCC

It looks like Verizon isn’t the only carrier to get in on the LTE Galaxy Note 10.1 fun, as the SPH-P600 stopped by the FCC that supports Sprint’s LTE and HSPA networks.

The LTE Galaxy Note 10.1 for Verizon was the only device that we saw come from Samsung at CES this year, but there was no mention of the tablet landing on Sprint at all. The Galaxy Note 10.1 might have been announced at Mobile World Congress 2012, but Sammy is still looking to breathe a little life into the device with LTE support.

We have our doubts that Sprint and Samsung will be holding off until Mobile World Congress for the announcement, especially when it’s already gone through the FCC. There’s a good chance that we’ll see the tablet announced within the next few weeks.

The Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 normally runs for $499, so it will be interesting to see what price point the tablet hits when subsidized. Given Sprint’s significantly smaller LTE footprint compared to Verizon, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was priced more competitively.

Is anyone interested in grabbing the Note 10.1 now that it’s set to get LTE powers soon, or are you hoping to see something new from Samsung at Mobile World Congress this year?

[Via: Engadget]

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