Nexus 7 outsells iPad in Japan? No it doesn’t

Nexus 7 outsells iPad in Japan? No it doesn't

Yesterday Japanese research firm BCN said that during the last quarter of 2012, Google’s Nexus 7 may have outsold Apple’s tablets in the Land of the rising Sun. That, however, isn’t the case…

Based on a survey of 2,400 consumer electronics stores in Japan, Nexus 7 took 44.4% of the market versus Apple’s iPad with 40.1%, according to the Nikkei newspaper. There is one main problem with this – the figures don’t include sales at Apple’s own stores or its online sales, which gotta count for something. Heck, many Apple fanboys living in the vicinity of these stores like love to shop there, rather than doing the same at “generic” electronics stores.

Moreover, it’s also worth adding that there was a reported shortage of Apple products during the period, so not all users who wanted an iPad could get one.

For the time being, Apple remains the dominant player in the tablet space, despite Google and other vendors offering some really cool devices…

[Via: CNet]

  • Anonymous

    I love Android but it still has a long road to go until reaches Apple’s numbers…

  • alan

    it’s a survey of 2.400 stores. there are less than ten apple stores in japan i believe. i doubt sales from these stores would have much of an impact on figures nationwide.

  • Anonymous

    Same can be said about the nexus 7 sells which doesn’t include sells numbers via Google Play Store.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t assume the opposite without data. Google’s direct sales also were not considered.

  • Steven Horton

    I don’t like the tone of this post. Both Brianary and the OP are correct. :/ the truth is rather complicated.

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