Microsoft Plans to Adopt CardDAV and CalDAV in Windows Phone Going Forward

Windows Phone users who rely on Google sync functions will soon be facing some challenges. After January 30th, Google will be pulling it’s support for Exchange ActiveSync, which will leave users unable to sync their Gmail data on their Windows Phones.

Exchange ActiveSync support is a protocol currently used on mobile devices to sync Gmail contacts, calendar and mail. Google’s new way to sync Gmail data, CardDEV and CalDEV will eventually be supported by Windows phone software, but there has been no official statement of what the plans for that look like.

Even though Google notified Microsoft of their plans to pull support for Exchange ActiveSync last year while Microsoft was developing it’s Windows Phone 8 software, Microsoft is in a state of shock. Google had announced it’s plans to cut Exchange ActiveSync support in mid-December, stating that support would officially be pulled by January 30th. This gave Microsoft only 45 days to implement CalDAV and CardDAV support, and during the holiday season, proved to be a challenge.

It’s also been reported that Microsoft has been trying to get Google to delay dropping support for Exchange ActiveSync for at least 6 months, so that Microsoft can make the necessary engineering changes to ensure that Windows Phone users have no problems accessing their Gmail features. But apparently Google has taken an unresponsive approach with Microsoft, leaving Microsoft with their hands in the air.

Windows Phone users will still be able to access their Gmail email account thorough IMAP, but leaving behind calendar and contact sync. So Windows Phone users, you may soon be left behind, but hopefully not for long.

Are you a Windows Phone user? How will this affect you? Let us know.

[Via: The Verge]

  • swhnld

    Google pays for the use of Active Sync to MS, so I can beleieve they pull this as the Google user base is growing rapidly with all Android activations every day. Maybe if MS would offer this for free Google can be pursuaded to delay fasing out this service?

    P.S. my impact is, next month my moile phone subscription expires, and now I am forced to get a Apple or Android phone, but cannot get another OS if I want to sync my Google contacts and Calendar.

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