Leaked photos of HTC Sense 5 keep popping up

HTC Sense 4.1 is said to be faster, better

More photos of the HTC Sense 5 custom user interface are popping up on the Droid DNA. Apparently, there are users with access to this unreleased version of Sense, so more and more screenshots are beginning to leak out. An XDA member, who goes by the name of mdeejay, has just put up several screenshots of what is said to be a stable build of Android 4.1.2 with Sense 5 running on Verizon’s Droid DNA.

The XDA contributor claims to have ported the software from a Sprint version of HTC’s rumored M7 flagship. If you hit mdeejay’s thread on XDA, you’d see many visual changes within the Sense design. This version of Sense seems to have new monochrome widgets, cleaner iconography, and colors. It looks like HTC has departed away from its overarching color palette seen on Sense today.

With Mobile World Congress approaching, we expect the Taiwanese manufacturer to officially unveil new handsets, and tell us more about these software improvements seen on Sense 5. Hopefully, the company can make a comeback, and become a dominant player in the handset business once again, as King Samsung continues to eat everybody’s lunch in the mobile market around the world.

Hit the XDA link for pics! 

[XDA; via Android Central]


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