BlackBerry 10 to get MLB At Bat app before Opening Day

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 officially released and available for download

With a week left before its event, Research In Motion is ramping up the amount of available apps to boast about in its BlackBerry World store. Pressure is mounting for the Waterloo company to impress the masses with its newly revamped mobile operating system BlackBerry 10. MLB today announced that its ‘MLB At Bat’ app will be available by the start of the 2013 season. The news was shared over the sports Twitter account.

This is a big win for Research In Motion, even RIM haters would have to agree. Being able to bring in quality mobile applications is hugely important to the BlackBerry maker’s future success. However, not much is known yet about the applications functionality; we don’t know if upcoming BlackBerry devices will be able to stream live and on-demand games. We expect RIM or MLB to shed more light on the matter within the next week or so.

RIM’s CEO Thorstein Heins is starting to not look so crazy when talking about the BB10 platform launching with 70,000 apps, as more and more of these big companies (like MLB) show support for the unproven mobile operating system. It wouldn’t be surprising if we would hear more companies announce that they’ve got a BlackBerry 10 app on the way as well.

[MLB (Twitter); via The Verge]


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