Nokia confirms PureView 808 is its last Symbian phone

Nokia announced its quarterly earnings for the last three months of FY2012. In its earnings report, the Finnish company confirmed that it is done producing Symbian phones. As many people suspected, the PureView 808, with its groundbreaking camera technology, is the last Symbian phone that Nokia will produce.

“During our transition to Windows Phone through 2012, we continued to ship devices based on Symbian.The Nokia 808 PureView, a device which showcases our imaging capabilities and which came to market in mid-2012, was the last Symbian device from Nokia.”

It’s not a great loss for Nokia as the company only sold 2.2 million Symbian handsets in the quarter. Once the dominant smartphone platform, Symbian handset sales has been steadily declining since Android and iOS took over the smartphone market. Much of the decline was due to falling sales in greater China, which has dropped 69% year over year.

[Via TechCrunch and Nokia]

  • I am hoping Nokia would come with great phones with Windows OS and take the lead in Windows mobile market with it’s Lumia Series phones.

  • Anonymous

    Finally. They did make a ton of money from Symbian. Now it’s time to turn to other platforms…

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