Google Wallet updated with new layout, performance enhancements

Even if you thought you’d never use Google Wallet, the latest update that went live today may make you want to try it out. Featuring a revamped UI and performance enhancements throughout, the new Google Wallet is something to be admired, even if it’s not something you’ll be rushing to use daily.

All decked out in the Holo UI layout, the new Google Wallet app has never looked so slick. The app is broken into three panels you can easily swipe over to for My Wallet, Transactions, and Explore. My Wallet gives you easy access to your current funding source and allows you to quickly to change the funding source to another linked credit card. Below, you’ll be shown Google Offers that you’ve purchased. The Transactions tab is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, and will show you all of your previous transactions made with Google Wallet.

The third panel of the updated Google Wallet app is Explore, which integrates Google Offers right into the app. You’re given a few features offers on top, and a nice assortment of nearby offers. You can simply save offers that you want to use, and present your phone to the location when you’re ready to use it.

It’s not all good, though. It seems that not all devices are supported at the moment, and with no official list of supported devices, you’re just going to have to try your luck. Of course, your device will likely show up as unsupported if your phone is rooted, which isn’t terribly surprising to see.

If you’re looking to give Google Wallet a try again, then now is the time!

Grab the new Google Wallet app here!

[Via: Android Central]

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