HTC Butterfly bundled with the Mini remote control and handset in China

HTC Butterfly bundled with the Mini remote control and handset in China

HTC is well aware that not all users appreciate today’s big smartphones with 5-inch screens. To address this concern, the Taiwanese company is bundling the Butterfly with Mini remote control and handset in China. The accessory looks like an old candybar dumbphone and it allows you to control many aspects of the main phone. The HTC Mini has its own screen for notifications and numbers display, and can also be used to locate the big (main) device (Find My Phone). The two devices connect to each other via Bluetooth and the pairing is simplified using NFC technology – simply tap the two devices to connect them.

Aside from serving as your “second phone,” the Mini can also be used as a remote control if your Butterfly is connected to a TV. With this installation, you don’t have to get up all the time to pause, play and rewind the video. Pretty cool.

I’m not sure I would use Mini myself, but I would definitely like to try it out. As I’m writing this, we’ve no information that HTC plans to bring this accessory to other parts of the world. Since most of the work is already done, I see no reason why they shouldn’t pursue this opportunity, helping the Butterfly differentiate itself from other similar smartphones.

So what do you say? Would you want an old-school dumbphone working in pair with a 5-inch smartphone?

[Via: slashgear]

  • Anonymous

    HTC Mini looks like a home phone… which you would use at home or in the office. Kinda cool.

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