New BlackBerry Z10 Renders: Hot, Hot, Hot!

With RIM about to officially announce it’s stunning new BlackBerry 10 OS and Z10 handset at a press conference on January 30th, some renders of the Z10 have been released, making former BlackBerry haters into curious, possible users. Although these renders are not the real deal, they do offer us a glimpse into RIM’s beautiful new handset. The Z10 definitely stands up to the iPhone 5 in design, and previous videos have shown us the quickness and ease of use of the BlackBerry 10 OS.

We’ve seen pictures of the Z10 before, but these renders, using leaked physical data and pictures, show the Z10 in all of it’s glory next to the iPhone 5. The absence of any physical buttons is apparent, showing that RIM is going all touch input with the Z10.

So while we’re waiting for RIM’s official press release this Wednesday, we have these awesome renders to stare at. So check them out! What are your thoughts on the Z10? Is it hot enough to convince you to toss Siri to the curb? Let us know.

















[Via: Gizmodo,TechnoBuffalo]











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