128GB iPad 4 in works?

128GB iPad 4 in works?

Looks like Apple is preparing to launch an iPad 4 with 128 GB of built-in storage. The information comes from a “high-profile US retailer” which sent 9to5Mac the screenshot above, listing new iPad SKUs that are expected to start selling in the near future. The Cupertino-based company uses P101 and P103 to mark its 4th gen iPads that have either Wi-Fi-only or Wi-Fi + 4G data connectivity support. In addition, they are using “good”, “better” and “best” to describe the storage capacities, so the newly added “ultimate” hints that an iPad with even more storage will be unveiled soon.

But wait, there’s more. Such “ultimate” version has a price tag of $799 (Wi-Fi-only model) and $929 for the one with 4G data. Once again, this fits the well-known picture of Apple charging $100 more for doubling the capacity — i.e. 32GB version costs $100 more than the 16GB one, while 64GB iPad sells for $100 more than the 32GB model. And in that sense the 128GB iPad will cost $100 more than the one with 64 gigs of internal memory.

Of course, this is still a rumor and we’ll rather have to wait for few more days or weeks to have any confirmation. Stay tuned in the meantime…

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    Or they could just include a memory card slot… but that would be too much to ask from Apple.

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