BlackBerry Z10 Available in UK January 31st?

It’s no doubt that the once frowned upon RIM has recently captured the public’s imagination with their new BlackBerry 10 devices, and tomorrow in New York City, the new BlackBerry 10 devices will be officially unveiled.  With rumors abounding the last few weeks, we finally have some.. well, ok you got me. Rumors. This one comes from a Vodafone UK employee who sent an internal communication to The Verge today. According to this tipster, UK customers will be able to order their BlackBerry Z10 online at 5PM UK local time, and will be available for pickup at all Vodafone locations on January 31st.

Vodafone UK’s first “4G Ready” smartphone, the Z10 will work on Vodafone’s LTE network at launch. There are a variety of plans for contract customers, as well as for those choosing to stay off contract. With a two-year contract, customers will pay no upfront costs and will receive a plan at the rate of £47 per month for 3GB of data, unlimited talk and unlimited text. The cheapest monthly off contract offering is a £25 plan with an upfront cost of £229 which includes 100 MB of data, unlimited texts and 100 minutes of talk time.

We still have no details about pricing plans or roll out dates for other regions, but we will surely get some details from RIM’s press conference tomorrow as to what the future of the BlackBerry Z10 looks like on this side of the pond.



[Via: Ubergizmo,The Verge]




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