Code White: Nexus 4 in white caught on camera

No, your eyes are not lying to you. Unless ours are lying to us. What you see right here looks to be a LG Nexus 4 all done up in a white casing, which could be well on its way to the Google Play Store at some point in the future.

With both the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus handset both getting the white treatment, we can’t say that we’d be terribly surprised if we saw the same from the Nexus 4. LG does offer up a white version of the Optimus G, so we know that there shouldn’t be much of a problem with the Crystal Reflection process on the latest Nexus device.

An anonymous tipster sent in the photo you see over to PhoneArena, so this is all there is to gawk at. The camera sensor and LED flash are now surrounded by a silver trim, not unlike the white Optimus G, but that’s about the only difference you’ll see other than the white casing. Hell, that’s all we want.

Whether or not a white Nexus 4 will ever see the light of day (or digital light of the Google Play Store) remains to be seen, but we certainly wouldn’t complain at all if it did.

Given that the Nexus 4 has been rather hard to come by, are you glad that you haven’t grabbed one of these devices yet now that a white version may indeed be on the way?

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[PhoneArena via AndroidCentral]

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