Nexus 4 hits German Google Play Store, (Update: US now available, too)

Nexus 4 hitting Harvey Norman stores on February 1st

After being in and out stock for months, Google’s Nexus 4 handset has resurfaced in Germany’s Play Store. The handset hit the German outlet on Tuesday and, according to a report in The Verge, is expected to land in other locations soon. Sources speaking to Android Police say the handset could appear in the US store at Noon time ET (9am PST) today.

LG did recently claim it was ramping up production, so hopefully supplies will climb to the point where the Nexus 4 is always available and we don’t have to keep chasing the handset.

[Via The Verge and Android Police]

Update: The 8GB and 16GB model are now available to order.  The bumper cases are available, too.

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    I just placed an order five minutes ago!!

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