Samsung Making no Major Announcements at MWC?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 devices to be unveiled in mid-2013?

It looks like the floors of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month are going to be a little bare this year. HTC has already announced it would not have a press conference at MWC, and now, according to Pocket-Lint, it looks as if Samsung is following suit.  Samsung will have a show-floor presence at the show, but will forgo any major announcements, meaning we’re going to have to wait a little longer for official announcements about recently rumored Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy Tab 3. It’s very probable that Samsung will have their own event in March, where they will unveil their new devices for 2013.

Rumors have been claiming that Samsung would unveil their yet unconfirmed Galaxy S4 at MWC this year, but it looks like Samsung is taking a similar approach to last year’s Galaxy S3 unveiling, by skipping the trade show and having its own release event for the Galaxy S4, followed by another event in either April or May 2013. Samsung has yet to comment on their Mobile World Congress conference plans.

HTC has previously announced that they would also forego any major announcements at MWC in lieu of its own event on February 19th in London and New York.

With only ZTE, Huawei, Nokia and Asus confirming big announcements at MWC, the conference seems to be losing a bit of its luster. No doubt we will see some interesting things at MWC 2013, but without a presence from Apple, Sony, HTC and Samsung, the conference may be a bit underwhelming.

[Via: Ubergizmo,Pocket-Lint]

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