Samsung nabs five percent stake in stylus-maker Wacom

Samsung Galaxy Note II hits 3 million units sold worldwide

Samsung in a smart business decision has decided to buy a five percent stake in Wacom, which is a company that produces the stylus pens for their Galaxy Note devices. This move was a no brainer when you consider the millions of Note devices the Korean manufacturer has sold so far. The way the investment shakes out is Samsung will give Wacom $58.9 million for five percent voting stake in the company, giving it an advantage with one of the world’s leading stylus makers.

Wacom claims that it controls 85 percent of the global tablet pen market, which is a market the company has seen double in the past year due to capable smartphones and tablets. The stylus pen maker plans to put Samsung’s cash to use in the year 2014 by implementing “product development and manufacturing and supply system enhancements for products to be supplied to Samsung Electronics.” The company added that it plans to “expand its relationship” with Samsung even further.

[Phone Scoop; via engadget]


  • Chicken Eater

    Stylus? Wacom is not a stylus company; is a design tablet maker, check out the Intuos or the Cintiq line; they make tools for professionals.

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