HTC CEO Chou Can’t Keep the M7 in His Pants

HTC CEo Peter Chou got a little hyphy at the company’s year-end party in Taipei earlier today, giving props to the development team behind the HTC M7, and inciting whoops and cheers from adoring onlookers in the crowd. According to a broadcast from Taiwan’s NextTV, Chou just couldn’t keep the M7 in his pants, whipping out the unit to snap a sweet  pic of the crowd, claiming, “This event today is a great opportunity for testing (the camera).” Chou was seen with two units, one in silver and the other in black.

Unfortunately, the video quality does not provide us with a clear picture of what the M7 will look like, but what is visible is a central camera, LED Flash and a HTC logo on the back. The size of the grey-ish looking unit seems to match up with previous rumors of the M7 touting a 4.7″ screen, but other specs are elusive at the moment. We can however make out a slim form factor, which goes against the recent renders of the M7 we have recently seen.

The codename M7 is sure to be changed for the official release, but for now, it seems to be the M7. An amateur video from the same event shows the Chou and his entranced audience hooting and hollering, “M7!” “HTC!,” fist pumping and all.This is an interesting departure from HTC’s normally blas, no-nonsense media events.

On February 19th, HTC will be revealing the M7 to the masses at their private events in New York and London. Until then, check out this video, and get pumped!


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