Leaked Qualcomm slides ‘confirm’ Android Key Lime Pie announcement?

Need more evidence that Android’s next version will be soon upon us? Look no further.

According to some slides from Qualcomm that leaked, the next version of the Android operating system, also known as Key Lime Pie, will be announced around “Spring 2013”. While none of this should come as a surprise to anyone who has been keeping up with the little green robot, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have it “confirmed” — As much as it’s not.

Google I/O is only a month and a half away, which is right in the alleged Key Lime Pie announcement time frame. Of course, we were expecting the search giant to do this anyway.

The guys over at Android Police were the first to publish the now taken-down slides on Wednesday, where Qualcomm ordered that the site, along with others that took the slides and also reported on the story that the information be removed

While we really don’t know what to expect from Android Key Lime Pie, it will likely be a rather dramatic update, given that Android 4.1 and 4.2 have been pretty small since the OS made the 4.x jump. The version number of the OS isn’t something that we’d like to attempt to peg, but if KLP does indeed end up being a big update, we may well be looking at Android 5.0. Maybe.

We’re all pretty excited for Google I/O, and we’ll have more details as they come in. Stay tuned!

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  • Chris Pick

    Google IO is May 15. Not sure what month you are in, but It is February here. Lets see, All of February, All of March, All of April, and Half of May.. Seems like 3 and a half months to me.. not one and a half.

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