HTC Infographic Shows History of Photography – Hints at awesome M7’s awesome shooter?

HTC has always taken special care of the camera that goes into its handsets, and today the company posted a neat little infographic showcasing the history of photography. There are some interesting facts (and comments on HTC’s part) that make it work a look, but the bottom leaves an interesting hint with a big “?” for 2013.

This is less of a hint and more of a blatant attempt at getting some attention for the M7. And guess what? It’s working. The HTC M7 is bound to be one hell of a phone when it’s released, so we don’t see a problem when we see HTC “hinting” at something that it’s proud of. Expected to be announced at the upcoming events on the 19th in New York and London, the HTC M7 will feature some powerful innards, and you guessed it, a badass camera.

So while you (im)patiently await the official announcement of the HTC M7, take a look at the infographic below and be sure to check out the blog post as well!


[Via: HTC Blog]

  • Ray Adams

    Sorry guyz, but I don’t believe in HTC and Cameras 🙂 Battery, Camera were always the weakest parts of their phones. And it still there.

  • Anonymous

    We do need to see some innovation in the camera department. Like integrating Scalado’s technology (now owned by Nokia) – BlackBerry did this.

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