Android Developers Report: Jelly Bean on 13.6% of Android Devices

Google today updated its Developers page with Current Distribution numbers, giving us a look at the usage of different Android versions across the Android OS ecosystem. According to Google’s numbers, which looks at data from the Google Play Store, the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean has reached 13.6 per cent of all android devices on the market since its debut at last year’s Google I/O conference.

The monthly distribution chart shows us that 29 per cent of users are currently using Ice Cream Sandwich, 1.3 per cent are using Honeycomb, and a whopping 45.6 per cent are using Gingerbread. The high number of Gingerbread users is due to slow adoption of newer Android versions by carriers, and also the proliferation of lower end Android handsets being sold.

Traditionally, Google has had some problems with the adoption of their newest versions of Android, but with Jelly Bean now being used on 13.6 percent of Android devices, it looks as though many retailers have embraced the new Android version over the holiday season. Surprisingly, the growth of Ice Cream Sandwich seems to have stalled, and may have reached its peak.

Google is expected to be releasing the newest version of its Android OS, the rumored Key Lime Pie, at the Google I/O conference this year. Until then, we can expect to see the growth of Jelly Bean usage grow, which will hopefully provide a viable option for those users who are stuck using Gingerbread.

Check out the graphs below for more details.





[Via: Android Developers]





  • Uman

    Hi Guys,

    I am using Jellybean 4.1.2 in my Samsung Nexus but before this I used Ice cream sandwich its very good I don’t have any issues but after updating to jelly bean i am facing may problems i am fed-up with this OS sometime i am feeling to bang my phone to wall its horrible OS that i have never seen plz… remove this OS Jellybean ASAP. WASTE OS I am not interested to use this software anymore.

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