Logitech to launch UltraThin keyboard for iPad mini

Logitech is going to launch an UltraThin Keyboard for the iPad mini that’s similar to the one it has for the bigger iPad. The accessories manufacturer recently announced that it will begin selling a smaller version of the UltraThin Keyboard meant specifically for Apple’s mini tab that will debut later this month.

This tinier version of the keyboard will do the same as the bigger one, with the ability to connect to the iPad mini by way of built-in magnets inside of its hinge. The wireless hook up is operated through Bluetooth connectivity. The smaller UltraThin Keyboard will suffer from a weaker battery, as it’s suppose to last for three months on a single charge (assuming a fairly modest two hours of use per day) compared to the six months of charge that its bigger brother carries.

The UltraThin Keyboard mini has a good look to it; it is housed in an aluminum shell that is sized specifically for the iPad mini. And when the iPad is closed, the aluminum shell acts as a protective ‘smart cover’ style blanket for the display. Logitech claims the smaller keyboard will have full-size keys as the original version, along with a standard key layout. The mini version also uses shorter keys in the top (number) and bottom (spacebar) rows.

The Logitech UltraThin Keyboard mini will be available later this month in black and white, and is expected to set customers back $79. This seems like a really cool accessory for the iPad mini.

[via Macworld]

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