NVIDIA showcases Borderlands 2 in latest Project SHIELD demo

As if any gamer out there needed another reason to get excited about NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD, the company has released a video that might just send you over the top. The latest demo video of Project SHIELD shows off the device playing none other than Borderlands 2!

The video showcases just how easy it is to connect to a Steam game on your PC from your SHIELD and pick up right from where you left off. Also in the video is Will Park, (we’re kind of fond of him around here) who shows off the smoothness across the board when playing Borderlands 2 on the SHIELD, right next to the PC game. It’s pretty stunning. The framerates are high and the bullets are flying. 

While I’ve already mentioned how the NVIDIA Tegra 4 means more than just power, seeing the capabilities of the SHIELD again is as exciting as the day it was announced. Now if we can just get more devices with the Tegra 4 inside of them, I’d be a happy lad. 

We’re still waiting on an official release date for the SHIELD right now, but as long as NVIDIA continues to provide videos like this, it will make the wait less painful for gamers out there.

Check out the video below!

[Via: NVIDIA Blog]

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