Leaked DLXPLUS is Verizon Wireless’ M7?

Leaked DLXPLUS is Verizon Wireless' M7?

Looks like Verizon Wireless will be joining the HTC M7 launch as well, or at least the new rumor we’ve got suggests something of that sort. Developer and HTC insider @LlabTooFeR scored the leaked specs of what seems as an updated version of the Droid DNA, marked as DLXPLUS. If you recall, the Droid DNA was at one point known as DLX so it’s fair to assume this is just an enhanced version of the device. But what could the update bring? A slightly faster CPU, perhaps? I would say this is a whole new beast and perhaps even the soon-to-be-launched M7, which comes with a smaller 4.7-inch full HD screen and 13-megapixel camera.

This wouldn’t be the first time HTC has released an updated, “Plus” model of the existing phone. Just look at the HTC One X and its “successor” One X+. This time, however, the update could be a whole new device or at least we hope that will be the case. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear something new on this…

[Via: Droid-Life]

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