Skype for iOS 4.5 brings bug fixes and tweaks

Skype issued a relatively minor update for its iPhone and iPad app today that includes some handy bug fixes as well as some tweaks mainly on the iPad.

On the iPhone and iPad, several bugs have been patched up or features improved like automatic recovery of dropped calls, more accurate sorting of instant messages when they aren’t correctly displayed, and a marketing opt-in or out option upon registering. On the iPhone only, emergency calls can now be routed differently. On the iPad only, there’s some helpful UI enhancements like swiping from the left to bring up recent conversations in the sidebar and improved spacing and app display overall for the iPad mini.

If you were looking for any new features in the app update, you’ll be disappointed. There are still a few issues remaining on Skype’s list of known bugs, but since Skype has them identified they should hopefully be fixed soon. Meanwhile, you can grab the free Skype 4.5 update for iOS in the App Store now.

[via Engadget]

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