Home Depot ditches BlackBerry for iPhone

It’s been a little over a week now since BlackBerry officially announced its new BlackBerry 10 operating system. Since last week we’ve heard a variety of rumors discussing how well the Waterloo company’s flagship Zed 10 is selling. Some analysts have said there is significant sellouts of the device in the U.K., while others claim the reports are all hype. Regardless of all the chatter going on the company has done better in the public relations field as of late. Well, that momentum is taking a bit of a hit today.

BlackBerry prides itself on its enterprise customers, so every company that migrates away from the troubled phone maker hurts. Home Depot a real giant in the home improvement business has decided to move 10,000 of its employees into the iPhone, according to sources familiar with the matter who told AllThingsD. The home improvement retailer plans to outfit store, district and corporate management with iPhones.

A move like this could certainly trigger a chain reaction with other major retail corporations who may happen to still carry BlackBerry phones. The question is, can BlackBerry keep the bulk of its enterprise customers with its latest offerings? We guess only time will tell.

[AppleInsider; via AllThingsD]


  • I wish that I never seem to hear is some company switching from BB to Android. All the large companies I’ve seen in the news went to iOS.

    • Fatt

      It is all games, nothing concern about what phone is better.

  • hope, they are happy with that 😉 … perhaps they are only playing with their iphones!!! 🙂

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