New Moped Messaging App Simplifies Mobile Communication

A startup from Berlin is giving us a new and more elegant way to share private messages with a new messaging app that combines features from other popular social networking services. The app, called Moped, is available for both Android and iOS and allows users to share pictures and messages privately to individuals and groups in a Twitter-like fashion.

Moped is a private messaging platform that lets users send IM-like messages, but with a variety of features. The app makes use of familiar features such as hashtags (#) and mentions (@) commonly used on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Users can receive these messages by a variety of means, on mobile devices, on the desktop or through e-mail. Since Moped syncs messages and contacts to every device that uses the app, users will receive messages no matter what device or OS they are using, and can even use a Chrome extension to receive and send messages through the browser.

In a truly Instagram fashion, Moped also includes a series of photo filters for enhancing photo sharing. The filters come in 12 formats, which allow users to crop photos, draw on them and even add meme-like text, adding a bit more functionality than other photo sharing services. Moped also allows users to send messages with their location attached, a la Foursquare, and even has Dropbox integration to enable quick file sharing.

With Moped’s multitude of features and ease of use, there’s no doubt that this app will simplify life for those who are heavy on mobile communication, and for those of us who can’t wait to easily create embarrassing memes of our friends.


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