Real Boxing for Tegra 4 and Project Shield brings knock-out graphics

You’ve probably heard of NVIDIA’s Project Shield, which bridges the gap between PC and Mobile gaming, but the Shield wouldn’t be what it is without the NVIDIA Tegra 4, and the Tegra 4 wouldn’t be able to show off how powerful it is without some powerful games. The company just released a blog post demoing a new NVIDIA Tegra 4 optimized game on the Project Shield, Real Boxing, and it looks pretty killer.

While it may best be suited for playing on the Project Shield thanks to the nice physical controller, Real Boxing will be released on any Tegra 4 – toting device and is available on other platforms. I’m not usually into boxing games, but the graphics and gameplay look pretty stunning, so I may give it a shot when I have the chance. We’d obviously expect the game to run buttery smooth and show off some beautiful hi-res textures, Real Boxing has some incredibly realistic movement for the boxers in the game, which you can see in the video below.

Expect more awesome Tegra 4 optimized titles like this to keep churning out as the Project Shield release nears!

[Via: NVIDIA Blog]

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