Samsung Galaxy S4 To Use Touchless Gestures?

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S4 recently, and the rumored specs have been so far impressive, rumored to be featuring a 4.99″ full HD AMOLED display, an S Pen and an 8-core Exynos 5 chip. It seems as though Samsung will be adding a new way for users to interact with its new flagship device, by incorporating hand gestures that would make using the device a little more intuitive.

According to Korea’s DDaily, Samsung is rumored to be including an Amtel chip into the Galaxy S4, which would allow users to utilize the device without touching the screen. The chip would allow the device to process hand gestures, that would then issue commands to the phone. Samsung will probably take a page from the Galaxy Note 2’s Air View functionality, and the new Amtel chip would remove the necessity of a stylus. We may also see other gestures that would help users scroll through home screens and apps.

The closest implementation of technology like this is the Sony Xperia Sola’s floating touch display.

If implemented in a cool and innovative way, we could also see this popping up in future Samsung products, specifically its Galaxy line. We’ll see when Samsung finally unveils the Galaxy S4, supposedly sometime in April.

[Via: Phandroid]

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