Gresso Cruiser Titanium is the company’s latest Symbian-powered smartphone with a price of $2,100

Gresso Cruiser Titanium

Gresso launched another luxury device – Cruiser Titanium. The Symbian-based device won’t impress anyone with its specs, but that’s not the point here, anyway. The main idea behind devices like these is found in the expensive materials used for making them.

This particular Gresso handset is hand-made out of titanium. In fact, according to the luxury-phone maker, the device is a result of a lot of hard work and accuracy to polish a titanium piece by a single high- qualified craftsman.

Case manufacturing involves 9 stages – first, there’s the 6-stage polishing process, followed by 3-stage hand polishing with various abrasive pastes creating a glossy blade effect. Plus, thanks to the use of unique tinting technology, Gresso is able to create a deep black color.

When it comes to the phone keys, they are traditionally cut from steel, and each button is polished by hand.

Overall, it takes about 52 hours of handwork to create one handset. So the price of $2,100 shouldn’t come as a surprise… And let’s not forget the limited production of just 555 units…

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